Сервер для world of warcraft wrath of the lich king

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How to start playin at gamer district?

Bart Mx 11.03.2017 - 02:14


Kqly Vac Ban 12.03.2017 - 12:10

I like the click your version of wow you want at the start

Jonathan Laroche 14.03.2017 - 05:57

Hey bro thanks so much for this. It is exactly what i was looking for. I tried a few out vanilla bc wotlk. Long time retail player but never tried private servers out so thank so much. I m looking forward to the nostalgia and challenge mode. Without any real testing yet just a little research i think i m going to try elysium vanilla large population. K online new progression new server too after you made this video hellground bc they started fresh on with new progression and population is high right now so looks okay. Warmane lorderon wotlk as described in your video. Cap is k players drops to. K no heirlooms is attractive to me. I was looking for a high popluation server mostly that is pvp and x or x leveling. Wotlk preferably. A vanilla to progrses into wotlk would be super sweet i only found one but its not a pvp server so fuck that. I am new to these so i might hate them but thank you for this great video to help me know what is out there.

Mark Blaze 15.03.2017 - 21:45

Dalaran has a toxic community? Most private servers have a toxic community. The best way to prove it is to even mention retail and see what people say to you. It s all toxic hipsters who think they re too good for retail and will grief you if you enjoy it

Evd 1202 16.03.2017 - 22:19

Toxic community? Lmao, do you even play there? B e s t community ever!

Anthuan Morera 18.03.2017 - 01:45

Vanilla isnt an expansion.

Uvott 19.03.2017 - 02:18

Great video subscribed.

20.03.2017 - 18:26

All of these servers suck, i won t play on either of them, all are buy bis and dalaran supports multiboxing. I hate that. All of them are fucking garbage! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Vasto Lorde 22.03.2017 - 10:12

Bis gear purchasable. Next! !

Vasto Lorde 23.03.2017 - 00:17

I disagree on dalaran wow having the best scripts, gamer district is by far the best scripted wotlk server.

Sarthari0N49 23.03.2017 - 15:28

So if i wan t to play wrath of the lich king content, but i dont have enough time to play on lordaeron, and i can t pay for vip to play on icecrown, the only way is gamer district? Sorry for my english, it s not my main language!

Frankiie 25.03.2017 - 00:23

This video is amazing! Do you know anything about cataclysm servers?

Frankiie 26.03.2017 - 18:13

Your mic and voice were absolutely fine. Hope you didn t get trouble from that. Thanks for the thoughtful video. Very helpful.

Spartan 117 28.03.2017 - 03:51

So if i want to play wotlk. The best way is playing on lordareon? Cuz icecrown is always full d i am right? . Btw. Lordareon has same gamecore as icecrown like bugged quests, raid progression, etc?

29.03.2017 - 14:33

Wow circle most pop? Not on teh list.

Rickey Ryan 29.03.2017 - 20:02

How does excalibur stand with pve?

Odin Asagod 31.03.2017 - 13:01

Exactly the info i was looking for. Ty so much

Christopher Wells 01.04.2017 - 21:35

Hellground is x exp and drop rates.

Twitchy 02.04.2017 - 18:11

Nice video. Thanks for the information

Yuriy Lunyov 04.04.2017 - 03:48

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